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Record Labels

  • Darling Music
    Box 93559 Nelson Park P.O. Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6E 4L7 website:
    Darling Music

You know us! We know you

  • Resolution Records
    7B Pleasant Blvd. Suite 972 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4T 1K2


Resolution rules! Mike put out "Introducing... Arizona's Thin Mistake in Canada, and continues to help guide the band, in various and wonderful waze.

Amazing! USA pop label that carries all the Saturnhead stuff, and releases Terry and Kevin's other band The Kelly Affair

  • Vast Records
    2400 N.W. 80th St Ste 152 Seattle, WA 98117-4449 USA

    Vast Records

Vast is releasing the New Album! "Saturnhead, California" (March 99'), as well as unleashing "Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake" on an unsuspecting America early next year (1999)! Watch out! They also have a great compilation album (A tribute to Mykel and Carli), includes "Weezer" and "That Dog"!

  • The Hive and Hive fi Records
    East Vancouver BC

    The Hive

The Hive recording studio is the home of the sweet tones...underground baby!

  • Pop Gun Records
    PO Box 36 Rundle Mall South Australia 5000


Releasing the first vinyl 7" Saturnhead ever! "Beyond Supercollider", also "King Krill, and many other cool cool stuff! A must see for the pop lover in you!

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