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Saturnhead, California Released April 6th!
Live show at the Brickyard on Thursday April 15th!
The Brickyard at 315 Carrall St. in Beautiful Gastown (Vancouver)

Darling Music Presents...

Saturnhead's home on the web

"Saturnhead, California"
Coming Very soon to a speaker near you!

Saturnweb and the main 'Head' Terry would like to thank the band:
(Past and Present):

The Mad Conduit Radio Collective:

Kevin Cooper

Greg Macdonald

James Arner

Scott Walker

Cheryl Bizicki

Shawn Sheers

Tom Williams

Marq DeSouza

and any other guild members fondly, and only momentarily forgotten...

Thanks to the bands that never fail to inspire...

you know who you is...check the links!

The Recorders...

Mike at Resolution Records

Khadejah, Keirah, Lynnel at Vast Records

Bruce at Not Lame Recordings

Jason at Pop Gun

and all those Cats at 100Guitar Mania Records

The Hive...




Jim, Moog, Juno

Russ, and everyone else!

you make lovin' fun!

Even More Special thanks:

The Kelly Affair

Sun Wreck

Team Strikeforce

The Salteens

and Cinnamon

The Kelly Affair has a Brand new album out on Not Lame Recordings right now!

The cool movies that keep us up at night,

...and give us samples to glue the themes and songs together...

Don't forget Free (lo-fi baby)
streaming real audio songs on the sounds page!

just click on the spinning records!


Any Questions...?

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