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Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake

Introducing...Album Cover

1997 CD

Darling Music/Resolution Records

The Horror Show Martini
Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake
The Minstrels Guild
Send in the Sun
A Bit Too Much
Back at the Hotel
Stop the Wedding
Urban Fable
The Golden Age of Mars
Man the Stations
Suburban Girl
Perfect Bliss Again
The Radar Control
The Only One
Killer B's and the Glittering Places
The Poorhead Walkers
1000/Carz Go by
Autumn Messed up Everything
Our Favourite things
The Star Train
Anything U want
Hail the Binkeepers
A Post Aristocratic Theme Song
7even Hearts
The Spitfire King
The Love Theme From Nexus
A Fast Airship Gazebo
Orwellian Rap
The World (Beneath Her feet)
Daze like these
If that's all
I just can't concentrate
It Happens all the time
The Radio Flyers
Vineyard Dogs
The Red light Railroad day
Seventh Inning Stretch
Seasons By Design
Trans-Silvania/Outliving James Dean
Out of Site

Performed by:
Terry Miles

Special appearances by: Rob Leickner, Colin Stewart, Kevin Cooper, and Johnny Sunshine. Marq DeSouza plays and sings Outliving James Dean

Recorded at...
Terry's front room, and further enhanced at The Hive Recording studio

Your Smart Friends combined with Capricornicus Tex equals "Introducing..." The first CD release from Saturnhead on Resolution Records. Mastered by Peter Moore in Toronto, all the songs running together just like "smart friends" has now become the Saturnhead way

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