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June 1, 1998

Saturnhead begin recording the new record 'Saturnhead, California' this month...there will be a daily journal covering the entire event online... it will be here...soon...we promise!

June 3, 1998

Sometimes amazing things happen when you kiss a girl... Summertime...the songs won't stop coming...gonna have to stop writing soon, and concentrate on production...good nite...

June 4, 1998

More writing...demo's (only for production purposes...)playing the drums by hand on a cheesy keyboard... (on the four track)too lazy to use real drums for demo purposes...Need Kevin to get some bass (had to give Kelly back his) happening on these bass-less toons!...kind of scared to get the actual album started...gulp...the amount of work is going to be...well...a freakin' whole lot! Gonna rent some gear to go with the old 8 track we're buying...Still can't seem to stop writing... Could it be love? It's love...anyway...time to get back to singing in the front room...I'll say hi to the neighbors for you...ta...

June 8, 1998

Just got the gear to the practice space...whew...amazingly enough Kevin and I managed to set it all up and get it running...we're using the "super disco" 70's Traynor board as opposed to the traditional Mackie...we just need that extra analog noise. After spending a couple hours getting sounds I played drums for hours...blisters...did The Front Room, Back on the Case, and San Fransisco Suites...probably redo some of those tomorrow...this 1/4" tape doesn't last very long...gotta go buy some more...goodnite all...

June 9, 1998

Went up and recorded drums for one song...Running out of Time, forgot tape... back to the music store ...back at the space after a hellish cab/bus day. Did drums for The Day Kids...without a click it's hard to do minute long guitar intros...arrrrgghhhh...anyway. Finished finally...moved on to Underground which should be a looped sample on one track but...our limited tech dept...I must play the part myself. Then drums for New York Philosophy...this song is a "rawk"'m not sure if it's too rock or not, but we'll have to give it a shot anyway...Kevin and Jodi came up to the space for the quick night session...which turned out to be even quicker...after we finally got the absolute best take for A Secret Railroad...we noticed that the kick drum track was empty...the 421 is dead...back to the music store tomorrow... we need to buy more tape anyway!...Another thing...we noticed the kick pedal is very noisy...I'm not sure how to fix it...or if it will affect us...drums suck...I think I'll have to redo some songs...I can't wait for the guitars!!!! Get me away from this kit! ...I got blisters on me fingers! But I still feel the love... Goodnite!

June 10, 1998

Hit the music store to get a new mike, the "ran" up to the space, forgot tape again, shit! I was right there too! Got up there and went overtop of two songs with 'The Front Room' and 'A Secret Railroad' took a bit, but they finally sound good...forgot to tape up the hand for the first couple takes... The blista's is gittin' serious! Gotta remember all types of tape tomorrow! Mike (Resolution) send a sample album cover by email, it looks pretty good (meaning Pretty freakin' sweet! Mike has that photomagic touch) , makes me want to get this bastard finished even sooner! Oh yeah, wrote the 'hit' last night around 12:30 am sometime! Off to work...ta'

June 11, 1998

Kevin and I tried to get in to our space today...shit...all kinds of bands in there recording/practicing mostly punk/hardcore stuff. What a nightmare! finally get in after waiting for about five hours (although we had some pretty swell hippy food) Considering 'Underground' has two drum tracks, I decide that I may redo it with a click track going in my headphones (but not to tape) Normally we would shun this type of practice,, that makes a huge difference! Simply because it's ten times easier to play drums with one of these things! Shit! Time to redo some toons! Bigger fills! ...after I finish re-doing drums on 'New York Philosophy' another freakin' band shows up... they are kind enough to give us a few minutes to attack the brand new untitled 'hit'. Luckily we get it and head home...not the most productive day, but I vow to return earlier tomorrow...sha la la...

June 12, 1998

Graham (one of the greatest people alive, who we owe many thanks!)took back his snare drum for recording, but when I got it back it sounded much better than before (he musta tooned it) Got set up again after about a half hour ...just ready to start when Kev showed up ...perfect timing! We really get going by re-doing 'A Secret Railroad', 'San Fransisco Suites', 'Back on the Case', and 'Running out of Time', and finally trying 'At the Movies' It seems my drumming is much better now than before. A bit o' practice never hurt! We almost got 'The Day Kids' and 'Underground' redone before the next punk band showed up for practice, but we go for sushi while they make music. When we get back we're alone at the space for what seems like the first time in ages (friday nite bands just don't usually practice) We use this time to get 'The Day Kids' and 'Underground' just right. Then we do 'The Red King is gone' and finaly 'French Day Life', which takes a bit of time, coz' of the slow's very late, missed some people, and some Tom Green on T.V., but got the rawk... off to bed...noonch...

June 13, 1998

Off work early in order to hit the space... too sunny, gotta play tennis. Clear the mind. Back home in time to re-arrange four or five songs, plus add vocals to one song with the craziest arrangement I've ever dealt with! I though, NO WAY will this song ever make it to the 8 track, but now, I have to say, it's going to be recorded tomorrow! It's a bit Lilys, a bit Pavement, a lot Monkees...hmmm Worked out enough to probably finish the drums by Monday. Jamie will probably (records) show up on Monday with some more mics, keyboards, and hopefully some cool guitar parts to play! Even though we probably (records) won't deal with guitars/keys until later next week!

June 14, 1998

Is this a day off? No. Working out some last minute arrangements on some future hits... Up early tomorrow for drums! It is amazing how much great music is actually out there, shit, I can think of ten albums I must hear right now! Off to the player...

June 15, 1998

Did many drums with Kevin up at the space today...everything is finished, except...tomorrow I'm heading up to redo The Front Room for the last time. (and the best time!)Did drums for most of the songs that I didn't really know all that well 'Texas Size', 'Harder, Faster, More', 'Faster Elevator', and a few other hits.

June 17, 1998

Did drums for 'The Front Room', they sound Fab! Tore down all the gear and got it ready for the move to my place.

June 18, 1998

Set up all the stuff. Tracked some electric guitar on 'Killer', and 'The Front Room'...have to go rent some more gear tomorrow!

June 19, 1998

Kevin and I went and spent a whole lotta money on rental gear...yikes! oh well, it saves on studio time in the end. Rented the C414, and some phantom power, DI box, we're ready! Tracked a couple of acoustic guitars 'Dear', and 'French Day life'. Stayed up until 2am working out and playing piano lines on the wonderful keyboard I borrowed from my friend is so time for some sleep!

June 20, 1998

Recorded some piano, rhodes, etc... with Kevin playing bass on 'San Fransisco Suites', don't think everything is perfect...hmmm... rethink some production aspects of this song... did guitars on 'A Secret Railroad', along with acoustic on something... it's late and I just can't remember, off to bed!

June 21, 1998

Played Tennis after work, didn't get started until 9:30 Kev got to the apt. (after we got coffee) and we worked on tuning and tempos (pitch control to create the ideal tempo, meaning we need guide tones for tuning) Now we're in great tune, and Kevin is seriously awesome on the big wires today! Great bass...whew... came up with a great organ line for 'A Secret Railroad' that song has 7 tracks, ready for vox! bed...

June 22, 1998

expect big numbers today, all day recording! Shit! it's hard to keep track of Wimbleton and record at the same time... Did so much today, 'San Fransisco Suites', 'Underground' 'Day Kids' added slide guitar, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, all kinds of keys, bass, etc... Did some cool board/Guitar/Bass stuff on this real 'Lennon' type song(actually two Lennon type songs) without a name (or finished words) Did so much more I can't remember...NY Philosophy is ruined by a strange out of tune snare drum that won't let anything be recorded over it...oh well

June 23, 1998

Didn't record until later on in the late evening. Did sweet keys on 'Holiday', getting ready for reel three. It's 2:45 am off to sleep... perchance to...sleep...

June 24-June 30, 1998

Recorded all the rest...bass, keys, some acoustic guitar. Going to add most electric guitars at the hive recording studios (two days up there). Ready for that thing called...singing, I guess I need to finish some words...gulp getting out the pencil...goodnite. PS: bought another tape, and added two more songs 'A Fine Reflective Stand', and 'Radial Star' drums

July 1, 1998

Did vocals for eight songs 'A Secret Railroad', 'San Fransisco Suites', 'Underground', 'A fine reflective Stand', 'Back on the case' 'The day kids', 'At the Movies', and 'Running out of time' ...more today, this thing is starting to sound very much like a record, I was dreading the vocals, considering the very poor quality mics that I'm usually forced to deal with (budget and all that), but the c414 that we rented is everything I need! Tired of always double tracking vocals, pick up the new (old) akg c414... crazy! Can't wait for harmonies, off to beddies, remember love...?

July 2-3, 1998

Well...did more singing, not quite as easy as last nite, did 'French Day Life', 'Dear', 'Polynesian Princess', 'Killer'...did ''s love', the first half came easy, but I fought with the second half all nite! Did some harmonies at the end.'The Day Kids', my fave vocal up to this point! Also sang 'Harder Faster More', 'Faster Elevator', coming up with many lyrics as I go...gulp...

July 4, 1998

'The Red King is Gone'... could be the hit! sang that one, plus three part harmonies on the first half of ''s Love' almost went over my horn part for 'At the Movies'! Shit! I need more tracks!

July 5, 1998

Saw Lou Barlow on T.V today, reminded of our Starfish Room show with the Folk Implosion... makes me glad to be in the studio! Elvis Costello is still the king, but the Lily's are present at court as well, 'Baby's a Dealer' kickin' my ass all over the apartment... gotta go Buffy is on t.v... I will sing 'What about Love?' after my time with the slayer! adieu...

July 6-8, 1968(sounds like it!)

Sang (and came up with at least 67 % new lyrics) for: 'What About Love', 'Texas Size, 'NY Philosophy', 'Holiday', and (whew) a baby one that I redid on the night of the 8th called 'thinking bout...' also on the night of the 8th I sang the bit of gruff Ringolian madness we refer to as 'the front room', or 'days like these' it's a good thing that Mike (Resolution) came out to visit us in Vancouver...cause at the fun Saturnhead vacation rock jam, I learned a few of my fave drum beats and fills from Mike...that song reminded me of that fact again, as I hear the killer fill that starts it out... (it's also worth mentioning that Kevin remembered it exactly as Mike played it, and therefore could show it to me! Tonite (the 9th) I shall sing the final song, and redo 'A Secret Railroad' and 'At the movies' and the verses of 'San Fransisco Suites' then I'm done singings! I love these songs!

July 9-14, 1998

It's now July 14th, Tuesday, I'm just setting up the new internet provider, got back from the Hive yesterday (monday july 13th) tracked up some rock! will get back to you on that...

July 18, 1998

These entries are getting few and far between...okay, did some vocal overdubs after our analog dump...(yechh) along with some additional drum stuff. Three part harmonies with Kevin and I belting it out on 'The Front Room', and mainly two parts on 'The Day kids', 'Beyond Supercollider', 'NY Philosophy', 'The Red King is gone', 'Killer green', and that's it except for the single room miked drums on 'Underground' and 'Beyond Supercollider' 'Underground' is shaping up to be a summer classic...

July 19, 1998

Apparently Kevin is booking a different studio for us on Monday July 27th, and then we're back at the Hive on August 3rd-4th!

July 25, 1998

We are indeed going into the studio on Monday to do some vocal/guitar/key overdubs...spent the last week working out little bits of pop shiney stuff to sprinkle over the songs...whew... a bit o' work! but production can make a world of difference, and what a difference! of course the next record could be me with an acoustic straight into a ghetto blaster... i doubt it, but it's possible... but for now... the BIG (albiet mainly analog 8 track) production is important...I mean it's gotta sound Spector! It's hard to keep away from writing songs, but I must, because if I write anything new, I'll absolutely have to record it, then the trubble begins...again...

The Future...

August 3, 1998

Just came back from the Hive, I guess I should back up to Monday at the other studio, Utopia Parkway... rented the C414 again and did some harmony vocals... a lot of harmony vocals, Kevin and Greg and I did a whole schwack of singing, as well as a smidge of guitar/keys...lots of singings got done!


Today at the Hive we recorded with Colin. Lots of keyboard stuff, some backup vocals, and one vocal double on 'A Secret Railroad'. Horns and strings and things got added. Tomorrow is almost all guitar stuff. It's nice to be left with guitar, it's gonna be swell!

September 3, 1998

Got the big Jam tonite, prep for the show on Thursday Sept. 10th at the Railway Club in Vancouver. Nobody has played these songs live, including me, this will be interesting...and cool! lots of good music guys in this live band, the mixing will be taking place this coming week! Rock! some record company ( hopefully a really cool one!) will be very lucky! More later...! check out the new cover!

September 25, 1998

Whew...! I think it's almost more day at the Hive on Wed. Sept 30th and the thing will be ready for a record label has been one hell of a thing...this...Herculean pop ordeal, I wanna sit back and hear it by the pool, or hanging around the Christmas tree...signing off...more details soon...listen to the band on the CBC tomorrow (Sat Sept 26 11pm)...good times

September 28, 1998

Working on the webpage, going to the Hive on Wednesday to pop the album into some type of order, then the hunt for a musical home begins...

October 12, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving...the album is mixed and placed in an order. I'm sure many changes will take place over the next few months involving order, artwork, etc... but most of the work is finished...whew! Let the bidding war begin...ah-hem! anyone?... I'm going to compile a list of labels that care about the future of important music, and give em' a shot at this thing...good nite sweethearts...

February 22, 1999

Is there anybody out there...? Vast records is putting out Saturnhead, California April 6th, 1999 (along with Releasing 'Introducing...' in the USA) The live band has added one Scott Walker (Salteens) and has never felt better! We'll be heading to International Pop Overthrow in L.A. July-Aug 1999 as well as the Album release party at the Purple Onion on Thursday March 25th (15 Water St. Vancouver) Free food and booze with your $5 ticket! (before 8pm) Doors at 7pm...I plan on recording the next album this May as well! (this one will NOT take four months...Sheesh!)Saturnhead, California Released April 6th!
Live show at the Brickyard on Thursday April 15th!
The Brickyard at 315 Carrall St. in Beautiful Gastown (Vancouver)

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