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"Saturnhead perform infectiously melodic bedroom pop of a remarkably high standard across a 43 track never stumbles once, hitting a genuine peak on no less than seven numbers..."
Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine (England)

"Those lamenting Robert Pollard's flip of the switch to stadium rock will revel in Saturnhead's simple lo-fi pop/rock. Don't spend your summer days at home... instead, take Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake out to the park and crank the title track as well as 'Suburban Girl', 'A Fast Airship Gazebo', and 'Daze like these'"

"Introducing...boasts a hooks per second ratio that even Bob Pollard (Guided by Voices) couldn't match in his prime...he effortlessly mixes clap along guitar riffs, juicy harmonies, and Ringo-worthy backbeats into instant classics..."
Chart Magazine

"it (Saturnhead) sounds great. Saturnhead is Vancouver resident Terry Miles, and Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake is ample proof that the man knows exactly what he's doing. Numbers like 'Stop the Wedding' or 'The only one' flaunting their gooey, doe-eyed melodics like new dinner jackets, are caviar for any discriminating lo-fi pop gourmet..."
Pop Culture Press

"Saturnhead's Introducing...Arizona's Thin Mistake never strays from the ulta-catchy. The space-age mutant pop gives the nod to Sloan then turns around in whiplash fashion toward Guided by Voices. Sounds a lot like paradise"
The Record

" a tasty collection of truly interesting pop songs , full of hooky goodness!"
Exclaim Magazine

"Edited as these songs are in a continuous stream of teasingly brief melodies and themes, they are transformed instead into a kind of lo-fi audio verite travelogue compiled by a talent who is teeming with this guy!"
The Vancouver Province

"He's a whiz with a four track and the necessary rock instruments, and he knows where to look for super-catchy hooks and obscurely compelling lyrics."
The Rocket (Seattle)

"Amazing! Saturnhead not only captures the idea and some of the sound from Abbey Road (give em' lots of short songs, various pop styles and don't let up in between), but the spirit. Terry Miles handles vocals, piano, drums and guitars in perfect pop splendor. Highly recommended!"
Gajoob (top DIY online publication)

Saturnhead on the Charts:

06-20-97 Overall Canadian College Position (38)

05-30-97 CKLU Sudbury, ON Position (1)
09-01-97 CJAM Windsor, ON Position (1)
09-16-97 CITR Vancouver, BC Position (22)
07-25-97 CJSF Burnaby, BC Position (4)
08-25-97 WNYU New York, NY Position (29)
07-16-97 CJSF Burnaby, BC Position (7)
06-16-97 CJSF Burnaby, BC Position (21)
06-16-97 CJSW Calgary, AB Position (7)
05-24-97 CFMU Hamilton, ON Position (22)
06-15-97 CFRC Kingston, ON Position (6)
05-23-97 CKLU Sudbury, ON Position (13)
06-06-97 CKLU Sudbury, ON Position (13)
06-13-97 CKLU Sudbury, ON Position (9)
06-09-97 CFRC Kingston, ON Position (7)
06-16-97 CFRC Kingston, ON Position (2)
06-09-97 CJAM Windsor, ON Position (7)
07-22-97 CJSW Calgary, AB Position (13)
07-13-97 CJSW Calgary, AB Position (19)

The Album has been featured numerous times CFNY radio in Toronto, CBC have done a spotlite session (Sat. Sept. 13th, 1997), and tracks have been played by none other than Mr. John Peel on BBC radio 1 in England!

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