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Your Smart Friends are Gonna Love This

Your smart friends album cover

1996 CS

Darling Music

Fly Mercury
1000/Carz go by
Rain on the Road
Suburban Girl/Weirdness
Man the Stations
California/The Lizards
Hey Now
Hope and Madness
The Rythym Driver
7even Hearts/Sophia on the bus
Anything U want
How does it feel?
Middle Management
The Star Train
Victory/Babylon a bargain and a vision
Don't fake the funk
Tap Water
Back at the Hotel
Travis, the surprise, and the electric room servant
The World beneath her feet
Venus Things
Out of site
Bad Letters
Later on

Made by:
Terry Miles

Special appearances by: Jon Jacobson, Rob Leickner, Colin Stewart, Kevin Cooper, and Johnny Sunshine

Recorded at...
Terry's front room, and further enhanced at The Hive Recording studio

The first departure from Cinnamon, Terry alone in his apartment listening to a HUGE amount of music and coming up with a HUGE amount of songs...

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