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Beyond Supercollider

Beyond Supercollider

Upcoming Release 1999 7" EP

Darling Music/Pop Gun Records

Back on the Case
Polynesian Princess
A Secret Railroad
Sophia on the Bus
The Essence of the Overcoated
Suicide Doors
Well placed Motorways
The Old Heartland

Side One Performed by:
Terry Miles

With: Kevin Cooper playin' Bass and Singing BG's, plus James Arner and Greg MacDonald sing and play a couple things on a couple tracks

Side Two Performed by:
Terry Miles

Terry Playing and singing all the stuff in his front room.

Recorded at...
Terry's front some drums from Saturnhead, California, Terry writes and records seven new songs in his front room. Taken to the Hive Recording studio to lay it onto DAT

Side one is three songs (early mixes) from Saturnhead, California , and side two was recorded over a week at home in Terry's Front room, using all that wonderful front room type equipment stuff...

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